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Bulb Packing Company Jobs 2022

Hello friends welcome. All of you as you all know. Today we have brought you a job from Bulb Packing Company. Yes friends there is a bulb company. Which has a very high requirement. If you want to work in this company. So look at this job carefully, apart from this, let’s get additional information about this company.

Company Works

Friends, in this company, all the work is done from making the bulb to packing the bulb. Especially in the packing of bulbs, a lot of people are needed. If you also want to do this. So you can apply for this job.

ITI Electrical

Guys I have a small requirement. If you have done ITI. So you can apply this job immediately. Apart from this, your reply will be received within two days.

Electrical Experience

Friends if you want to work in bulb making company. so have you. Knowledge of electronics should be there, otherwise you will do any work. Also you will suspect electric shock. Then you might have a problem.

Safety in Electronic work

Friends, you have to do all the work with safety at every step

Company Requirements

Friends bulb packing company needs 418 people. You too are in dire need of a job. So you can apply the job in this company immediately.


You talk guys. If you come to this bulb making company, then friends. Apart from this, your job gets done. So you will be given ₹ 15000 month salary.

Friends, you should have at least ITI in Bulb Packing Company, besides having knowledge of electronics, you should also have experience. Then you can apply for this job.

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