Why do people upload statuses on WhatsApp? Here are a few reasons

Our world is full of different people, and each one is born with a different mindset. As we grow up, our culture and values hit us hard, and we develop a specific mentality. Therefore, everyone has their reasons for uploading status on WhatsApp.

Though everyone has a different mindset, nowadays, WhatsApp status has become a trend. People want to tell people about their lives and be open book.

Though there are many reasons why people upload status, here are some common ones.

Read below to find out.

Share emotions

Everybody goes through some or other emotions every day. For instance, if your parents scold you, you might feel sad. On the other hand, when it is your birthday, and everyone wishes you, there is a good feeling. These emotions can change every time. As WhatsApp is a platform where people can share anything, some individuals share their emotions. They upload sad statuses in Hindi or maybe write feeling sad, feeling happy, etc. You might have seen people doing this all the time.

Instead of keeping their feeling to themselves, they want their friends and family to know so they can be a part of it.

Be an open Book

Some like to keep their life to themselves, and other people want to tell everything to everyone. These kinds of people upload everything on status. Whether eating, partying or visiting a new place, they like to share everything. They want to be an open book in front of other people.

Share information

Some people like to share news updates, technology updates and other information. Such people think everyone should know what is happening and want to keep everyone updated. In one way, it is good for people lacking information. While checking everyone’s status, they can know what is happening around them. Also, if there is something important, WhatsApp status can be used as a communicative tool.

Commercial purpose

As you all know about the WhatsApp business, some people share their status. For example, if their friend has opened a new dance class, they will share the pamphlet so that everyone can know and interested people can connect. Some people promote their own business too.

To stay connected

As we know no one has enough time to talk to others, and people keep uploading something on their status. They feel that it keeps everyone connected. When people watch their stories, they feel some connection. Also, they might start a conversation like “hey everyone! What sup?”.

To be famous

Videos have become a new trend. People can now get famous through videos. People upload their videos to get famous. Their goal is to gain popularity among people. They like when someone praises them.

To showcase talent

Some people like to show their talent to other people. It can be dance, acting, magic tricks or creativity. These people upload their talented stories on WhatsApp and sometimes challenge people to do the same.


These are a few reasons why people upload statuses on WhatsApp. You might have your reason. So if you are sad and want to upload sad status in Hindi or anything, do not think about what people will think, upload it!

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