How to Become a High Ticket Sales Closer

Whether you’re looking to sell a product or service, becoming a high ticket sales closer is crucial to your success. The skills necessary to succeed include Consultative approach, Communication skills, Building a network, and creating complementary products. Dan Lok is an international best-selling author and highest paid consultant in the world.

Communication skills

The first step in becoming a high ticket Sales closer is learning to master the art of listening. This involves understanding your prospect’s tone and nuances in their responses. This will help you determine their pain points and find ways to solve them. You can also ask questions to learn more about their needs and problems.

The next step in becoming a high ticket sales closer is to learn how to build rapport with your prospects. This will help you to ask more in-depth questions and make your prospects feel comfortable with you.

Consultative approach

One of the best ways to become a high ticket sales closer is by adopting a consultative approach. This approach allows you to learn more about the people you’re trying to sell to. In addition, it helps you develop a stronger rapport with those you’re working with. A high ticket sales closer knows how to create long-lasting relationships with their clients.

Consultative selling is similar to solution selling but puts the customer at the center of the selling process. Instead of trying to hit revenue targets, this sales approach focuses on creating a mutually beneficial relationship with your customers. Consultative salespeople have excellent listening skills and know how to weave their expertise into the conversation.

Building a strong network

A high ticket closer has an insatiable hunger for success. They view their work as an art form and strive to push themselves beyond their comfort zones. Even if it’s not financially necessary, they’re willing to push themselves to the limit to reach new heights in their sales career.

A high ticket closer works for a business or an influencer, generating leads through advertising and marketing. These sales involve selling programs that cost anywhere from $3,000 to over $1,000,000, and can be anything from a coaching program to a web design package. A high ticket closer has to find a product that fits the person they are trying to sell to and then close the sale.

A high ticket closer should be able to engage a prospect’s interests, problems, and pain points. A good high ticket closer will listen to his or her prospect’s concerns and get to the heart of the matter.

Creating a portfolio of complementary products

Dan Lok’s ‘high ticket closers’ are usually fresh out of sales school, with a ‘get rich quick’ mentality. That doesn’t mean they’re not sales pros. He focuses on people who can market his online courses and can close high ticket deals.

Finding pain in the sales process

High ticket sales closers have a different approach to the sales process than traditional salespeople. Rather than pushing a particular product or service, they ask questions and dig deeper to find the real issue a prospect is struggling with. This requires excellent listening skills, as high ticket closes want to truly understand the client’s pain points before moving forward.

To become a high ticket close, you need to be able to find pain in the sales process. This means you have to listen to a prospect’s concerns, including any implied ones. For example, a prospect may express concerns about time commitment or how they might look to their friends. A stellar high ticket closer knows exactly how to address these concerns and move the customer towards making a purchase.

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