How to Post a Job: Its Insights

Almost every recruiter follows the same old traditional process to post a job. A job posting has become a downright task to do. The candidates want to work with something new and attractive. With this old way, you might not find the right resumes, or the wrong candidates can apply. It has become boring now.

Have you ever thought of doing something new and creative? Did you know that your new job posting approach can affect the quality and quantity of applicants you attract? You just need to enhance your job posting style, and you can see the changes. Let’s know how to post a job in the right way.

Writing a job profile that attracts quality applicants is tricky. Here are some powerful tactics that can help you to write better job descriptions.

Be very precise

Every candidate looking for a job will read the job descriptions to know more about their job profile. Reading long paragraphs can bore them, and they might look for a different job. Keeping the job description crisp and concise will help them to know, what exactly the company is looking for. Therefore instead of writing descriptions of 500-600 words, write 150-200 words.

Make sure you are not being too casual.

Being too casual can give an impression of being unprofessional, and no one likes to work with such companies. Write to the point and be extremely formal. The conversational tone is not what candidates look for. All they care about is what value they can add. As we all know, the first impression always lasts, and here your job description is the first impression of your company, so do not spoil it by being informal.

Let the applicant know what’s in it for them.

Candidates don’t usually spend time reading the whole description. So it is better to directly come to the point. Highlighting things like compensation attracts more candidates to the job. Also, it helps them to know if they will be the right fit-in or not. So instead of building stories, it is better to highlight the main points for their convenience.

Don’t write too much about your company.

Though candidates care about your company as they search for a job, they are least interested in the extreme details of your company. If you want you can mention them, but it is not worth highlighting. This information is rarely helpful.

Define what success exactly looks like

Provide precise metrics your applicant should hit after completing one year in your company. By mentioning this, you can stand out from the crowd. It will build expectations in the candidate that can positively reflect your company’s image.

Post your job on the first three days of the week

If you want to post a job vacancy, it is best to post it within the first three days of the week. Most candidates apply for the jobs on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. So if you want to get the best candidates, post your job early.


So we hope you have the answer to How to post a job. These are some key factors that the recruiter should keep in mind while posting a job. A company needs an efficient employee who can add value with skills.

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