How to Screen Record on any iPhone running iOS13 and above

Screen recording is a godsend for when you are trying to document something on your phone, be it recording a process or a video or even just a game to send to a friend, screen recording always comes in handy.

All phones are capable of screen recording and the iPhone is no exception, learning to make use of this tool can help you in the long run, be it in terms of work or just for personal use.

But why should you choose to record the screen on iOS over simply taking a screenshot? The thing about screen recording is that despite how many ever screenshots you take and highlight, it simply will not match up to showing something live in a video along with the audio to accompany it. Therefore, here we tell you all about screen recording on an iPhone.

How to access the screen record feature in the Control Centre


The Control Centre is the one place in the iPhone where you can easily access all the features you would possibly find the need for on a daily basis and it often contains features such as brightness, volume control and more.

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Adding the screen record feature will make it easier for you when the need for it arises.

In versions older than iOS 8, you access the Control Centre by simply swiping up but in the versions since then, you would need to swipe down on the right-hand corner to be able to get to the Control Centre.

Step 1: Go to ‘settings’ on your iPhone.

Step 2: Click on the ‘Control Centre’ option present there.

Step 3: Choose the ‘customize controls’ option and scroll all the way down till you find the ‘more controls’ option.

Step 4: Look for the ‘screen recording’ option in the extended menu and when you find it, hit the green plus button by its side in order to enable it. If you wish to remove the screen recording option from the Control Centre, you can come back here and hit the red minus button to do so.

Step 5: Now go to the Home Screen and access the Control Centre by either swiping up or down based on the iOS version you have.

Step 6: Simply tap on the ‘screen recording’ button, this will trigger a 3-second countdown and then the button becomes red to convey that the screen recording has begun.

A red bar appears on the top of your screen in older versions of the iOS or the time will have a red backlight to convey that the screen recording is currently in process. Now you can go about showing what you meant to show when you began screen recording.

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I hope this article has helped you with screen recording on your iPhone. This screen recording method will work on any version of iPhone running iOS13 and above. 

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