How to Spend Your Money Monthly in 2022

Knowing what will likely be on sale each month can help you save money on purchases you had planned.
Last year was a difficult one for consumers due to supply chain interruptions, inflation, and a still-active pandemic. 2022 won’t solve all of these problems, but it will provide us the chance to take control of your finances and buy the items you want. Black Friday, Labor Day, or Independence Day still shopping bonanzas. In May, big-box merchants discount furniture and home decor for Memorial Day.

Making a list of your buying things (both big & little) or repeat purchases will help you save time and money. However, knowing when to buy an item and when to wait for a better price can be tricky.

We included the finest things to buy each month, as well as holidays with great bargains and, as a special treat, national days on which you may get free stuff, to make your shopping easier. This way, you can save money with sacrificing convenience by taking advantage of seasonal retail sales trends to stock up on necessities and luxuries.


As the calendar turns a new page, so do sales. During January, you may save money on these items:

Sheets and pillowcases. The month of Jan. is known as “white sales” for beds & linens, when department shops offer steep discounts on items like sheets and towels.

The latest in physical conditioning gear. Shops are counting on your desire to exercise. The athletic goods industry may look forward to a boom in demand for exercise gear and garb.

Electronics and televisions. Stores typically offer sales on televisions and many other home entertainment equipment just before the Pro Bowl.


Feb is the month of love and gift-giving, but it may be preferable to purchase yourself big-ticket products than small gifts. Examples:

TVs. January-February TV sales overlap. This is the second-best time to buy a TV after Black Friday.

Winterwear. With winter ending, shops will want to unload cold-weather merchandise. Look for sales on winter clothing and gear.

Homegoods. Veterans Week week will offer home and apparel sales.

Jewelry, candy, perfume. What connects these? Valentine’s Day gifts. On Feb. 15, retailers will discount Valentine’s Day candy leftovers.


March isn’t one of the popular shopping holidays, but there are still bargains. Check out these deals:

Accounting software. In March, after Tax Day in  April, retailers reduce tax-prep merchandise.

Grills. Buy summer grilling supplies in March to prevent summer price hikes.

St. Paddy’s Day necessities. Green clothing, party materials, and jewellery are often on sale around St. Patrick’s Day.


Tax-related merchandise. Retailers and restaurants provide incentives or gifts during Tax Day, such as paper shredding. Keep a look out for these around mid-April.

Easter sweets. After Easter, chocolates, plastic eggs, toy animals, and much more will be discounted.

Recyclables. Earth Day sales may include reusable totes, water bottles, apparel, and other “green” things.


April showers bring May flowers and discounts. Next month, consider buying:

Springwear. Spring clothes that have been on shelves for a month or two will be discounted in May.

Mini-appliances. Buy coffee makers and blenders with May savings. These things are often on sale for Memorial Day and make fantastic summer wedding gifts.


June may be short, but it’s full with discounts. Smart buys:

Lingerie. In June, buy underwear. Victoria’s Secret offers their semiannual sale then. December is also sale month.

Fitness centres. Consider obtaining a gym membership in the summer and negotiating the price. Gyms may be looking for members now.

BBQ tools. Retailers will offer discounts on power tools, grills, and men’s clothes for Father’s Day.


July is hot, yet some prices reduce. Purchase these:

Apparel. Buy clothes today to avoid end-of-summer bargains. You’ll probably pay less than at the season’s start.

Independence Day goods. Retailers love a party. In the days before Independence Day, red, white, and blue merchandise, barbeque and backyard accessories, sporting goods, jewellery, and furniture are often on sale.

Technology. Many retailers have added Black Friday in July discounts. Every product category should be discounted.

Stationery. Retailers start selling school supplies in late July, even if youngsters don’t want to think about the end of summer. Buying school supplies early will help you escape the back-to-school rush.

Prime Day? Amazon is keeping Prime Day 2022’s dates undisclosed, but it’s usually in July (except for recent years where the sale was moved due to the pandemic and supply chain issues). Other retailers will offer sales to win your business.


Buy summer items to end summer? Indeed. End-of-season sales on:

Supply list. Start of school means buying notebooks, pencils, calculators, and laptops. Generally, the closer to school’s start you buy, the better the pricing.

Outerwear. Save big with leaf blowers and certain other summertime equipment.

Swimsuits. Summer won’t have many swimming days left, so swimsuit clearance sales will soar. Buy next-year swimsuits today.


September intended to secure on mattresses and back-to-school necessities. Get these cheap:

Mattresses. September is mattress sales month. Expect these as Labor Day deals at department stores and mattress stores.

iPhones. Apple usually announces new iPhones at its September keynote event. The reveal is usually followed by price drops on current phones.

Appliances. Expect significant appliance sales in the week before Labor Day.


Halloween shopping shouldn’t scare you. October offers include these product categories:

Gartenmöbel. When it’s cold, people spend less time outside. End-of-summer sales on patio furniture and outdoor living products.

Jeans. You’ll spend more for fall merchandise if you don’t wait a few weeks. In October, buy new jeans.

Candy. Closer to Halloween, you’re more likely to find reduced trick-or-treat goodies.


Black Friday sales in November represent some of the best deals on electronic gadgets.

Electronics. Black Friday sales feature tablets, laptops, and gaming devices. Smartphones and activity trackers may be discounted.

Electronics. Save your significant appliance purchases till Black Friday Deals. Month-long deals are common.

Tools. Black Friday promotions discount tools, ladders, and toolboxes.

Christmas presents. Black Friday is when many people buy holiday gifts. Most retailers will offer deals in practically every category on Black Friday and throughout the month.


Some goods categories start discounting in December. December sales:

Electronics. Black Friday electronics specials continue until December.

Toys. Toys are popular holiday gifts, and businesses have major bargains as the season ends.

Merry Christmas! After Christmas, decorations, wrapping paper, ornaments, fake trees, and other seasonal items are on sale for up to 50% off.

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