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NT Watch Packing Job Vacancy 2022

NT Watch Packing Job Vacancy 2022

Hello friends welcome. All of you as you all know. Apart from this, we keep bringing jobs for you and good job companies from his side. So friends have brought such a company. In which you have to pack the car, yes friends have to pack the watch. Apart from this, you can earn a lot of money by doing small tasks. So let’s find out. Also what is the name of this company about the features of this company.

NT Watch Company

The name of this company is Anti Watch Company. This company manufactures watches. Apart from this, every single text of the clock is also made. Every single part of the watch is made in this company. Then when the car is completely ready. So it’s time to pack up the watch. So friends if you also want to work in this company. Apart from this, you come to do the packing. Then this job is going to be for you.

Salary And Bonus

Friends, you will be given ₹ 35000 a month for working in this company, apart from this, you will be given a bonus of ₹ 30000 for free every year, friends, there are many facilities available in this company. You will not have to incur any kind of expenses by yourself, all the expenses will be borne by the company, that’s why a company is going to be very good for you.

Over Time Salary

If you want to earn more money. So in this company you have also been given the option of overtime. If you work overtime for the whole month. So you will be given ₹60000 a month in addition to ₹35000.

Vacancy in NT Watch

Total 366 job vacancy has come out in this company. If you want to do the packing of the watch. Then this job is for you. Apart from this, do not do yours, apply this job immediately.

Friends, to work in Anti Watch Company, first of all you should know all the things about the watch, apart from this, if any person asks you to pack about the watch. So you have to show the packing of the watch in front of him or else you may not get the job. So friends, it is very easy to do a job in this company. You have to go directly to the official website of Antique Watch Company. Apart from this, you have to get yourself registered by putting the mobile number on the customer care from there. Then after 10 days you will get a call from the company, apart from this you will be admitted in this company, then you can easily do this job.


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