Perfect Growth starts with Perfect Schooling

Growth and Development

The growth and development of a child depends on certain key factors which builds their ecosystem. This ecosystem needs to be carefully curated with elements which are progressive yet traditional in many way so that the child’s life is enriched with the wisdom of the experience brought on by the older generation and also influenced by the progressive ideas of development. The child is greatly influenced by the immediate circle of their life, i.e. the parents and sibling and then the next circle is built by the school, teachers and peer group. It is very important for the child’s growth that these two circles help the child grow and transit seamlessly into a well-educated and a well-adjusted individual. The first circle of parents and family decides which kind of second circle the child will enter into.

So, for a child to progress into a successful grown-up, the parents need to decide the perfect school and trust the teachers with their child.

The perfect school is the perfect space for growth

The school forms one of the biggest element of the perfect ecosystem for the child’s growth. Children develop the perfect mental and physical health in a devoted school which has teachers committed to their overall development. The learning process should not be limited to just textbook knowledge. It should extend to their outdoor exposure and improve their communication skills and community engagement as well. The right set of teachers will not treat the children of a classroom as a sample. They will consider every child as special and full of unique capabilities which can be nurtured into something incredible. The approach of a holistic and successful school should be centred around nurturing all their exceptional qualities and inculcating all the essential abilities that children will need to live their live successfully and in complete control of their physical and mental health.

The perfect school is a holistic school

To create successful individuals out of the children who enter the school, the teachers need to create a highly disciplined and structured curriculum and atmosphere as well as a vibe of a second home which children love to come to. The right school will be a blend of learning and purposeful enjoyment. It is very important for the child to feel completely safe and secure to learn and ask questions without hesitation. For the teachers to work on the child’s abilities and goals, they need to make the child feel free and comfortable so that they can ask the right questions and feel more curious around the teachers and their peer group.

The perfect school is the perfect balance

The goal of parents while enrolling their child into a school should be to create a well-rounded individual with a happy childhood. It is very important that the child experiences success in every domain of life to experience total happiness. So, it is very important for the teachers and parents to encourage the kids to participate /explore academically as well as in the other extra-curricular activities like sports, debates, art etc. This opens up their mind to different pursuits and not just stay locally centred to traditional subjects.

The perfect school offers 360 degrees of growth

We, at Aavishkar School, the Best CBSE School in Ahmedabad believe that every child deserves proper initiation into a world of progressive development helmed by activities and academics which broadens their horizons. We offer our children all the opportunities they need to unlock their extraordinary talents.

To give your child the right playground to win and learn, join /enrol your child in Aavishkar School.

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