Picasso EMR and Its Features!

When comparing medical software packages, there are a few things that you should keep in mind before choosing the perfect system. Among these is the cost of ownership. You will also want to consider whether Picasso EMR is Meaningful Use-certified. This is a key requirement for many insurance companies. If it is, you should be aware that this program will likely be pricey. Fortunately, there are several other options that will help you save money while maintaining the quality of patient care.

Cost of ownership of medical software:

The cost of purchasing Picasso EMR may be daunting to some users. It consists of several components, such as software license, hardware, subscription fees, customization, support services, and more. While the price tag may seem prohibitive, it’s important to remember that the price is not always indicative of poor value. By evaluating the features and benefits of this software, you can decide if it is worth the investment.

Picasso EMR helps practitioners automate day-to-day processes and reduces human error. It also includes a full library of reports and templates to expedite patient documentation and billing. The cloud-based system allows you to access patient files and medical records on any device, which saves you both time and money. Plus, it automatically backs up your data each day, which reduces the need for manual intervention.


Meaningful use dashboard:

The Meaningful Use dashboard in Picasso EHR gives you a comprehensive, single view of your meaningful use progress. This cloud-based solution includes over 2,000 prebuilt reports and is fully certified for Stage 1 Meaningful Use. It also features lab integration, e-prescribing, billing integration, and a patient portal.

This dashboard has the power to save you countless hours of manual work. It also provides intelligent alarms to alert you to any anomalies in your business. The Picasso EMR system is a cloud-based solution, meaning that you can access patient information from any location, including mobile devices. It also saves you money on hardware and software costs, and it eliminates the need to spend hours setting up complicated procedures.

Cloud-based technology:

The cloud-based technology of Picasso EMR makes it easy to access patient records from anywhere, without having to install complicated software or manually set up reports. It also has more than 2,000 prebuilt reports to make reporting a breeze. The Picasso EMR meets Stage 1 Meaningful Use criteria and offers a centralized dashboard for monitoring progress towards Meaningful Use goals.

Another benefit of Picasso EMR is that it can be made paperless. Its Meaningful Use certification means that it is fully compliant with state and federal regulations. This will save your practice time and money. Additionally, the Picasso EMR has features to improve billing and patient records.

Lab integration:

The lab integration in Picasso EMR allows you to receive test results and send electronic orders directly from your EMR. This feature supports Meaningful Use requirements and is fully certified. It helps improve your workflow, efficiency, and quality of care. And because it’s cloud-based, it doesn’t require complex software or procedures.

Lab integrations are used to connect electronic health records (EHRs) to laboratory information systems (LIMSs). They are generally based on the HL7 standard, which ensures that data is passed in the same format between systems. The newer Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources Specification (FHIRS) standard is a web-based standard that builds on the existing HL7 standards. But to fully integrate these systems, you’ll need to modify critical infrastructure.

Billing integration:

The Picasso EMR billing integration enables your practice to process and track claims more efficiently. This software’s user-friendly interface allows front-office staff to enter patient information easily, and back-office personnel to sort claims and follow up with the appropriate payer. It also includes clinical and financial reporting capabilities, which makes it easy for physicians to see what is happening with claims.

With the growing patient base, many practices find it difficult to keep up with billing. This can be frustrating and can result in unpaid claims that must be re-billed. With the Picasso EMR billing integration, you can track claims and rebill those that are not paid.

Registration process:

Picasso EMR is a cloud-based EHR that meets Stage 1 Meaningful Use requirements. Its interface is user-friendly and makes it easy for providers to access patient records and schedule appointments. Its cloud-based architecture eliminates the need for complex software or procedures and offers robust reporting and data analysis.

In addition to providing advanced clinical reporting capabilities, Picasso EMR includes more than 2000 built-in reports. Users can export reports to Word, Excel, and PDF formats. This feature allows physicians to share their findings with patients and other staff members.

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