Salt Lake City Car Accident Statistics

Salt Lake City car accident statistics can tell authorities a lot about the way people drive in Salt Lake City. 

These figures may even help the Department of Transportation and others learn about some of the hazards caused by the way the road is built versus weather and traffic patterns.

Individuals will notice the use of statistics on their insurance premiums as insurance companies use this information to measure high-risk demographics. 

You can even use the data to modify your driving so that you pay more attention to certain behaviors that commonly cause car accidents in Salt Lake City, such as drunk driving and speeding.

Number of Car Accident Deaths in Salt Lake City

But the tragedy is not just for the loved ones of those who died. In fact, survivors may experience survivor guilt and other mental health issues on top of their own accident injuries.

Salt Lake City Auto Accident Statistics and Common Causes of Accidents

The Utah Department of Highway Safety makes it a practice to compile data-driven reports to better understand traffic patterns and the causes of accidents. 

In 2014, the most common cause of accidents followed closely behind. 

Causes of Fatal Accidents in Salt Lake City

The state takes into consideration what happened inside the car, as well as the actual cause of the accident, so things like unrestrained passengers are included in the Salt Lake auto pedestrian accident orem utah today statistics on fatalities.

Speed ​​was the main cause of deaths from car accidents, with 43% of them attributed to this action. 

A further 28% of deaths were the result of passengers not wearing seat belts or car seats, and 20% of all deaths were the result of someone leaving their lane.

Although most people would probably expect the majority of deaths to occur as a result of drugs or alcohol, only 18% of fatal accidents in Salt Lake City involved neither.

Seeking Auto Accident Compensation

The car accident statistics in Salt Lake City and Utah speak for themselves. Something as simple as wearing a seat belt could have prevented the death.

Lowering and following traffic laws will also go a long way toward preventing accidents in the future. 

What’s worse is that these actions affect other drivers on the road and can lead to injuries and damages that change their lives forever.

It will not change the results of the accident, but it can go a long way in helping you and your family members move forward.

Craig Swapp & Associates Car Accident Lawyers

If you or someone you love has been in a car accident, you cannot risk your health and well-being now and in the future by trying to navigate the process alone. 

Don’t be another one of the unfortunate Salt Lake City car accident statistics.

The car accident attorneys at Craig Swapp & Associates have the experience and determination to make sure you receive any compensation you deserve. 

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