This is How You Should Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin was introduced to the world back in 2009. Since then, its journey of climbing up has been fraught with ups and down.

It has been through several crypto winters and is often battered with hard crashes. Nevertheless, it has refused to throw in the towel and has continued its march toward the global embrace.

Today, investors are rushing to pour money into Bitcoin, and businesses are accepting it as a form of payment.

It is pertinent to mention Carl Runefelt, a global crypto leader and investor. He has invested in more than 360 crypto startups over the years and is a staunch supporter of Bitcoin.

While speaking on his YouTube channel, The Moon, he says, “I am very confident that this will be a very good investment. I believe that Bitcoin is not only going to go to $500,000, I think that Bitcoin is gonna go to five million dollars per Bitcoin in today’s money. Obviously, with inflation, bitcoin could go to trillions of dollars per Bitcoin. Actually, it will because it is inevitable, but because the dollar will collapse at some point, that’s just something that is going to happen because it’s inevitable, but I believe that in today’s money, Bitcoin could go to five million dollars.”

So if you’re looking to make a lot of money quickly, investing in Bitcoin is an excellent opportunity.

But what are the unique ways to invest in it that nobody talks about?

Stay tuned; we have got you covered.

The Mindset Shift

This tip requires a perspective shift. You should not assess Bitcoin on the traditional financial metrics. This isn’t your go-to trading stock material; obviously, it doesn’t have a quarterly report. Duh!

Rather, envisage Bitcoin as a rare commodity as it experiences volatility based on supply and demand. It has its own set of rules.

Before you make up your mind to invest in Bitcoin, ask yourself: what goal do I have in mind? Because Bitcoin hasn’t treated everyone equally; it has blessed some with a fortune but has also brought some on the road – the difference lies in the right strategy and, more fundamentally, the mindset.

At the same time, remember, Bitcoin is such an innovative technology that offers remarkable benefits – never seen before!

  • Bitcoin is not confined to any borders
  • Its transactions are incredibly cheap
  • Its speed is lightning fast
  • Sending money abroad is a calk walk now
  • Quickly pay for your purchases in just some mobile clicks
  • It is a decentralized currency

Carl Runefelt, while heaping praise for Bitcoin, says, “Bitcoin is genuinely game-changing, and it represents a massive transformation for the global economy and, indeed, the whole globe. It represents a paradigm change.”   

Cash on the Volatility

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Bitcoin is married to volatility. It is this factor that often keeps its investors up all night.

But what if we say you can bank on this factor to make a considerable amount?

The plan is pretty simple: when Bitcoin crashes or plunges, this is your time to buy the dip. Then bid your time and wait for it to bounce back. And trust us, it will definitely soar again – often more than its previous value – which brings the time when you should sell.

Congrats, you’re a multi-millionaire now: it is that simple. Experts call this strategy the bullish approach.

Carl Runefelt explains, “Bitcoin and for all coins, I like to accumulate at lower levels. So, right now, when everything is silent and chilled and going down, I am happily accumulating in peace. Every single altcoin out there has been going down like crazy in the last three months, and in my opinion, that is a fantastic opportunity to pick up some low prices because, in the next bull run, you will be the winner if you bought when everyone else was not buying.”

Choose the Hardware Bitcoin Wallet

Once you get hold of your Bitcoin, there are a bunch of different wallets where you can store your Bitcoin.

There are Bitcoin paper wallets, exchange-hosted wallets, and hardware Bitcoin wallets.

What we strongly recommend is you should have a hardware Bitcoin wallet.

But why?

This is because you ought to ensure the security of your Bitcoin – after all, it’s going to make you rich someday!

Hardware Bitcoin wallet offers insurmountable security with a simple, user-friendly experience. You won’t accidentally lose your money by human error.

Carl Runefelt clears a common misconception about crypto that they can be hacked.

He says, “I know that for the fact that you cannot hack Bitcoin. You can hack exchanges which is something different but not Bitcoin. It’s important to understand that you can hack YouTube, banks, or any internet company out there, but you cannot hack Bitcoin. This is because the blockchain is very robust.”

Invest in Bitcoin Like a Pro

The above-explained tips and strategies may seem simple, but if followed religiously, they have the potential to make you roll in money in no time.

Since Bitcoin has recently experienced a crash, it is time to invest in it. Its price is soaring again.

Grab the opportunity while you still can. Wish you luck!

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