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You’re searching for a wedding photographer in Toronto. How do you begin? One of the most important things you need to do to find the right wedding photographer is to decide what wedding photography style you want. Didn’t know there were different ways to take pictures at a wedding? Don’t feel bad. You’re not the only one. Many people who aren’t in the photography business don’t even know that there are different types of photography. This is where we come in. To find a photographer who will capture your wedding the way you pictured it, you should know a little about the different styles of wedding photography so you can tell them what you’re looking for.

Remember that most Toronto wedding photographers can specialize in more than one style and combine classes to make your shoot as full as you want. Keep reading to learn about the different styles of wedding photography and to figure out which one or ones would be best for your big day.

Wedding Photography Styles

Traditional Wedding Photography

Even though many photographers don’t use the word “traditional” to describe themselves, it’s important to know that those don’t mean that their style is old. Photographers who stick to the old ways of wedding photography usually use a lot of light from the outside to make more dramatic images and have a classic look. Portraits of the couple are more traditional and posed, which some people like, especially parents or grandparents. Even if it’s to cover all your bases, it’s a good idea to include at least one or two traditional shots in a wedding shoot.

Modern Wedding Photography

A modern style of wedding photography isn’t just one thing. Instead, it shows that the photographer likes to try new techniques and make various shots. Modern photos tend to have much cleaner lines and use special effects much less often than older ones. 

Vintage Wedding Photography

Vintage photography is more of a “style” than any other wedding photography style in this post. When you think of vintage wedding photography, think of a much better version of the photos you see on Instagram. Toronto wedding photographers who like old things may use film or special effects to make their photos look like they were taken on film. Images in this style tend to be soft, faded, or grainy, so if you want a vintage look, you should choose a photographer who says this about their work. 

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photos are just pictures that show how you live. Photographers who say they use this style mix a few different styles in their work, but the photos they take are usually very natural. If that’s what you want, a lifestyle photographer would be the best person to work with. You should also remember that lifestyle photography includes photojournalistic, cinematic, and editorial styles.

Cinematic Wedding Photography

A cinematic wedding photographer will take pictures that look like stills from a movie. The pictures will have a shallow depth field, which means that the background won’t be in focus. In the 1970s, artists like Cindy Sherman made this style popular. 

Fashion Wedding Photography

Fashion-styled wedding photos aim to make them look like they came straight out of a magazine. Most of the time, these photos are dramatic, stylized, and sometimes even a little bit sexy.

Fine Art Photography

Most of the time, photographers use the term “fine art” to describe themselves, not the pictures they make. There are a lot of fine art styles in photo booths for weddings that could fit into any of the above categories. Fine art photographers usually talk about themselves in a more artistic or creative way than other photographers do.

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