WPS Office: The Best Free Alternative to Microsoft Office

WPS Office is the best free alternative to Microsoft Office, with more than 400 million users worldwide using it on a daily basis. Whether you’re starting from scratch or moving from another office suite, WPS has everything you need to edit and create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in an intuitive and beautiful interface that lets you focus on your ideas instead of trying to figure out how to use complex functions.these are just some of the features that make a difference 


Do you have problems with opening or editing office documents because of the limited software on your device? Then the solution is WPS Office! It’s a lightweight and free office suite that has all the features of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF reader. If you’re using Windows Phone, then WPS editor may be your only option as it supports both .docx and .pptx formats. So don’t wait any longer – start using the WPS editor for editing your files today!

Benefits of using WPS Office

Microsoft Office is not the only option for creating professional presentations, memos, and spreadsheets. WPS offers an all-in-one and feature-rich office suite that integrates WPS Writer, WPS Spreadsheet, WPS Presentation and the editor of each of them. This software is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems. It can be downloaded and used completely free for a lifetime without any commercial ads or restrictions on basic yet powerful functions, while premium features are available through in-app purchases.

Features Overview

Here’s why WPS Office is the best free alternative to Microsoft Office. WPS is more suitable for students also because it’s a free office for students. WPS has great compatibility with both Windows and Mac OS, with no need for an additional download. It also offers a PDF editor and online office suite for those looking for even more advanced features. And there are tons of templates and videos that you can use for help if you get stuck on anything! There’s a lot more features too, like touch screen capability, how it automatically saves every two minutes (finally!) and how it just looks really beautiful in general – but this is a pretty good start.

Comparison with MS Office

There are many reasons why WPS office is an excellent replacement for MS Office, including the use of MS-standard formats like DOC and XLS, easy sharing with other users on Windows/Mac platforms and a seamless workflow across desktop and mobile devices. Although most of the features in MS office are also available in WPS office, it may have some features that are missing in MS office. Some people might not notice or find them useful or necessary while others would prefer they be included to complete the user experience.

For example, a feature that was noticeably absent from both MS and WPS office suites was being able to access all of your company’s templates from one centralized location.

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